Friday, October 9, 2009

The Ultimate Craft Project!

I crafted up a baby! I'm 11 weeks pregnant today. OK, ignore that post I made back in July about being all weepy cause I got a negative test. Actually, look at that post again--because that day that I got the negative result was actually the first week I was pregnant according to my due date. I ovulated two weeks later and success! Back then I thought it was going to take way longer to get pregnant because I just got off birth control the previous month and I heard it can take a while to get off the pill entirely. Apparently, I underestimated how efficient my body is! Turns out the egg fertilized around the second week of August--so I was barely off the pill for a little over a month when it happened. Boy am I surprised! Surprised, but very happy at the same time! I even took 11 home tests over the next few weeks to confirm in addition to the blood test and the doctor's tests, because I just couldn't believe it.

But the tiredness is killing me, though! It's getting harder and harder to work on craft projects because I'm always falling asleep at night. And it's not just at night that I'm tired--I'm dead tired all day. Seeing as how I'm almost done with the first trimester, hopefully this will go away soon. It's such a pain! I barely have the energy to photograph and list for my shop in the same day--and that's just for one item. Ugh..not only that but by now I've gained around 5 lbs despite all the exercise and staying away from fast food that I've been doing..but at least not too much morning sickness!!

Will post first ultrasound pictures (9 weeks) soon!