Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Made My First Ad!

I figure that I should have an ad ready in case I see some promo spots, sooo....tonight I sat down with an old friend named GIMP (aka the cheapskate's version of Photoshop) and made a simple ad all by myself. I'm so excited!! I'm so lame!! Here is the little ad I made:

BTW, I also know why GIMP is the cheapskate's version of Photoshop--using it is like trying to learn a foreign language! You really need a book or some kind of GOOD online tutorial to actually be able to do anything with it. Some people just get stuck trying to open a picture to start with!


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on reusing, reducing and recycling by using up all our old stuff ;-)

    nice blog--and congrats on the new baby!

    and i fanned your FB too ;-)

  2. YAY!!! :) Thanks!! Cameron's due May 1st and I can't wait!