Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Bit Disappointed...

I've been feeling shaky and dizzy when I do certain things lately like driving and even exercising, so I told my family about it and they're all like "You're probably pregnant". I had a hard time believing at first, but then I started to notice some of the symptoms and think that maybe they had a point.

Not to mention that I'm really excited to get pregnant at this point and time, and got off my birth control about a month and a half ago so I could do that. So yesterday I finally gave in and bought a test; just a dollar store test--I did have something that looked like a period so I didn't want to spend $8 just for a negative result. I took the test this morning and it came out negative. I'm disappointed, but I probably really shouldn't be seeing as how I only got off BC a short time ago AND had a period a week ago. Stupid, stupid, stupid me to think I was pregnant. Well, back to the drawing board and trying to drown out that baby-wantin' feeling with some crafting...

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  1. Awww,don't be hard on yourself...and hope is never stupid! Good luck to you.