Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just Listed! Choco Donut Earrings

Just listed in my Etsy shop; tasty chocolate-frosted donut earrings! Makes me SO want the real thing! I decided to make these because I just really wanted a pair of earrings with minature donuts. I really like how they bob and move really freely--wonder if thats because of the O-shape...Anyhow, I'll also be making and offering more kinds of donut earrings-a plain one (w no frosting, as my salute to Krispy Kreme--RIP Krispy Kreme around here), one with just the chocolate ring, and some "creme-filled" ones. I'm no stranger to donut-making; I made a huge body pillow for me in the shape of a creme-filled donut. My cat also has laid claim to it, see below.. He won't let it go either!

1 comment:

  1. Love the pillow...and my gosh, you CAN NOT go wrong with anything "Krispy Kreme"!