Friday, November 20, 2009

The Ultimate Craft Project: Week 17

Technically, I'm on the last day of week 16, but I'll count this as week 17 because that's where I'll be by the time people read this LOL.

The big news this week is that I'm getting bigger. MUCH, MUCH bigger! I've gained about 11 lbs so far, which I guess isn't too bad (better not be, I'm watching my weight like a hawk!), but my stomach is really sticking out there. It's huger than it was when I was 97 lbs heavier! Never would I have thought this about getting bigger, but it's actually kind of cute to see how my new belly has a curve to the protrusion. The belly also helps me keep my mind at ease too to let me know there's still something in there! My last ultrasound was about 4 weeks ago, but everything should be OK because I went to the doctor one week ago and we heard a good, strong heartbeat.

I find out the gender of the baby at my next ultrasound on December 4th. At least Thanksgiving and the holidays are helping the time pass faster because I'm getting on the impatient side! I really want to know what the baby is. I was actually tempted to buy this test called Intelligender--I spent WAY too much time on the pregnancy boards at the time so don't blame me for the hysteria lol. This is a pee test thats basically the same as a regular pregnancy test only it tells you if you're having a boy or a girl. You can get it over the counter at Target or any of the drug stores. The problem is, the test is $40! That's twice my copay for an ultrasound!! I don't know if I want to spend all that money because I just can't wait a second. Don't worry, I won't be doing that now that I've got Christmas shopping to think about!

Posted are some 13 week pics of the baby!


  1. When my cousin was pregnant she tried the "penny test." You lick a penny and stick it to the wall. If it falls off its a girl, if it sticks its a boy. Hers stuck until the day the baby was born and sure enough it was a boy! Best Wishes~

  2. I tried it out! My penny stuck to the wall! This will be interesting because on my 13 week ultrasound, the technician saw a pattern she normally sees on a girl. Either one is fine with me!

  3. my guys are all are stirring up some wonderful memories ;-) Good luck with your pregnancy..stay healthy and happy. I saw your comment on the Etsy forums..I am an Etsian also and would love for you to consider me for a feature when you start that . Have a great day.
    your friend,

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