Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Coming Soon: Pick of the Week Etsy feature!

Beginning this week, I'm starting a weekly feature that will spotlight a unique item that everyone just has to see from an Etsy seller! It will be called "Pick of the Week," and is a spotlight of not only that particular item, but the seller themselves. As a fellow Etsy seller myself, I know that being seen out of the millions of people on Etsy can be hard and I know I've always appreciated help on promoting from other Etsy sellers when they've extended that opportunity to me.

I'll also be promoting this feature on the Etsy forums and other craft websites (so far I'm thinking Cut Out and Keep, and any national or international site with promotion boards--other ideas on where I can submit are ALWAYS appreciated!). I really want to get this out there to as many people as I can because these items deserve to be seen!

This week's feature will feature Holiday and Birthday Crossword Puzzle cards from Etsy seller MyGrandpasPen (

If YOU would like to be featured, give me a holler!

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