Saturday, December 5, 2009


Pictures coming tomorrow!!

Found out today at my ultrasound I'm having a boy!! That, like this pregnancy itself, was another surprise because I thought in my "woman's intuition" that I was having a girl. The ultrasound technician even guessed at my 13 week exam that it might be a girl because of what she saw on the underside. Guess my little guy's "parts" didn't make themselves known until after that! I saw my husband's face when they said "boy" and it was like he won the Lotto-it lit right up into a big smile; I'll never forget it. He was convinced we were having a girl too, but really wanted a boy, secretly. You know a lot of guys how they want their boy LOL...

Now that I know what it is, it really does feel strange to say my son, and "he" when I refer to the baby. Seems like I tend to automatically say "the baby" or "it" when I refer to it. There I go again.

I'm really glad that I found out the gender before I gave birth--I wouldn't have been prepared if I didn't. I was so ready to have a girl because I convinced myself so good, and when I thought of the baby after it was born I'd automatically picture it being a girl. I didn't have any boy names except for two picked out compared to the huge list of girls names I had too. I wouldn't have wanted the baby to go unnamed either after it was born too.

I'm a little sad though, that this is my last ultrasound until I give birth unless there is something wrong. Of course I don't want anything to be wrong to have to have another u/s, but I'll miss seeing the baby. At least I know inside that if anything was to go wrong, that I'd probably know by now. That's giving me a lot of peace of mind.

BTW, I took the penny test 3 weeks ago and it said boy, along with all the other old wives tales and the Chinese charts. Me being a natural skeptic, I thought they were all phooey. My penny is still stuck to the wall.

PS-My ultrasound technician said that the Intelligender test (urine test to determine gender) only has an 80% rate of correctness. She asked me if I took one, and said A LOT of the girls who come into the office come expecting their Intelligender result and find out just the opposite--some food for thought, especially considering that test is twice the price of an ultrasound copay.

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