Friday, February 19, 2010

Etsy Spotlight: Creative Kiwi's Crochet Baby Flower Booties

Check out my new feature on these adorable Mary Jane-styled baby booties at Indie Smiles!

Here's a preview:

Going all-natural has never been so adorable!

Containing no synthetic materials with hard-to-pronounce names, Etsy seller Donna Barnard’s (“CreativeKiwi”) Crochet Baby Flower Booties Mary Janes are a great way to keep Baby’s feet warm and safe.

The booties are simply styled to look and fit similar to an adult’s Mary Jane-type shoe. They are light pink and have a one-button closure on the side. They are also very feminine, with an oversized, eye-catching white flower on top of the shoe, which was crocheted “in the round.” The booties will fit a 3 to 6-month-old baby girl.

Stitched using 100 percent cotton yarn, Donna said she is very selective with the materials that are used in making her booties, and only uses cotton or bamboo yarn on them.

“Cotton breathes and is not harsh on babies’ skin,” she said. “The yarn I use is a fine, smooth fiber made from beech trees and then spun with cotton. Babies are so precious, so why not wrap them in comfort? It’s just my way of keeping baby natural.”

Donna also likes to make each pair of these booties unique in some small way.


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