Monday, March 1, 2010

Etsy Spotlight: Celticcatphotos' Birthday Cat Greeting\Note Card

Move over Morris; this week’s Etsy Spotlight pick shows that cats aren’t just meant to be seen in cat food commercials—not when they can imitate humans so closely.

Instead of burying his face in a bowl of mush or hard brown shapes, a short-haired orange and white tabby cat named Hamlet takes his first whiffs and samples of birthday cake. This tender moment was captured by Etsy seller Cathy Gangwer (“Celticcatphotos”), and is sold in her shop ( as the Birthday Cat Greeting Note Card. (

Taken on Hamlet’s first birthday, the image perfectly personifies an animal’s life. It shows an animal acting completely human in the context of the mostly- human situation of a birthday party...

Check out the full article at Indie Smiles!

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  1. Thank You for a wonderfully put together feature!