Monday, March 15, 2010

Blanket Drive for the SPCA!

My cat Otto (you'll remember him as the little darling who stole my donut pillow I made back over the summer) spent a little while in the stray kennel of the Niagara County SPCA a couple years ago before I got him. When I picked him up, I was really impressed with this particular shelter and occassionally checked in with it every so often online from then on. Now I can't adopt another animal because I belong to Otto and he doesn't like other animals much, but thought I could still support the shelter somehow. Then it popped into my head that a great way to support the Niagara County SPCA would be to make small blankets for the animals there.

This facility is a very loving place for homeless cats and dogs, but I thought that the animals probably miss being the comfort of living in a home and being a part of a family. I am hoping these blankets bring the animals a bit of that comfort in their cages. This drive is also being sponsored by my fellow teammates on the Etsy EGG Team (

If you'd like to donate a crafted or gently used (no torn or ragged blankets, please), drop me an email at


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